River Rock 1-3″ 30L (55LBS)


  • 30L (55lbs) bags of river rock can only be delivered if purchased together with a sack of soil, mulch, or our other products sold in sacks

Smoothed by the natural process of flowing water, our decorative river rock makes an excellent addition to your landscape. River Rock 1″-3″ is a decorative rock the has been smoothed by flowing water. It can be used in gardens or as a decorative boarder around driveways and walkways. The river rock comes in our one-yard bulk S.O.S. bags and Mini S.O.S bags.

River rock is popularly used as a garden border and many people are using it in many different aspects of their landscape. Using decorative stones to border or fill a driveway or walking path can create a unique look for your home. Have a water feature? Stones not only look appealing around a pond or fountain, they also create the soothing sound of a softly running stream. Try using decorative rocks in a rock garden or as a mulch replacement for a creative touch! River rocks can create an elegant, long lasting and eye catching feature to your property that you will enjoy for years to come.

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Benefits Of River Rock 1-3″ 30L (55LBS)
  • River rocks are durable
  • Rocks make an excellent feature around Trees and Shrubs
  • There is no maintenance required to keep your rock accent beautiful
  • Rock accents can decrease water loss and filter debris
  • When included in your landscape, rocks can act as excellent weed control barriers
  • Decorative stones and rocks add a splash of colour to enhance the natural beauty of the areas
  • River rocks are an easy and beautiful way to border your pond or water feature
  • Decorative stones and rocks make a low maintenance filler in a walking path
  • River rock looks great as a border in any garden or hardscape