5-20-20 New Lawn Care



  • Fertilizer can only be delivered if purchased together with a sack of soil, mulch, or our other products sold in sacks

Build that beautiful lawn you’ve always wanted with Fairgreen Sod Farms high quality, nutrient rich fertilizer blend! When starting a new lawn, from seed or sod, it’s essential to fertilize the lawn for the appropriate stage in its growth! There is more to fertilizer then just a “one and done” application! When starting a lawn, we always recommend our 5-20-20 New Lawn Care fertilizer blend, specially formulated for new lawns. The blend, rich in the essential nutrients Nitrogen and Potash, is the ideal mix for a new lawn.

The higher levels of potash found in this particular blend helps your grass retain water while it starts to establish itself and its root systems. It’s also an excellent ingredient in promoting the longevity and health of your grass by stabilizing the soil so your grass has a consistent growing environment tolerant to outside environmental stresses.Our blend also contains higher levels of phosphorus so your grass can build strong, deep root systems making it tolerant to drought and keeping it healthy in even the driest conditions summer has to offer.

Our Blend contains

Nitrogen (5)
Phosphorus (20)
Potash (20)
Remember, 5 – 20 – 20 is a starter fertilizer that used to establish a new lawn. This fertilizer contains a small amount of Nitrogen. A new lawn needs extra Phosphorous and Potassium to develop strong roots and resist disease, however these still need a small amount of Nitrogen for growth.

10KG or 25KG bags available

Application: 5lbs per 1000 square feet

Coverage: 11,000 square feet

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Benefits Of 5-20-20 New Lawn Care

Importance of Fertilizer

Fertilizing is an important lawn care practice as it influences grass colour, increases its ability to recover from stress, and prevents weed invasions and disease.

The three major nutrients needed by lawns include nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). Above all, Nitrogen, the nutrient needed most, can lead to problems associated with excessive top growth there is too much.

The percentage of nitrogen by weight is always the first of the three numbers on the fertilizer bag, followed by phosphorus and potassium. The percentage of nitrogen determines the amount of fertilizer needed. We suggest a rate of 1 pound of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet for each fertilizer application to the lawn. Additionally, if high percentage nitrogen fertilizers are used, then less actual fertilizer product is needed to supply that one pound, compared to fertilizers with lower percent nitrogen. However, too much nitrogen can lead to issues. Therefore, nitrogen is not the only nutrient to consider.

Fertilizer is available in 25kg and 10kg bags and therefore can be picked up at our Markham or Oro-Medonte yard.